Bearathlon 2017
September 30th | Berkeley, CA

Rules Overview

We are very excited to host this draft-legal race as well as classic sprint!

Please review the following information so we can keep this race as safe and enjoyable as possible!

Ways to avoid time penalties:


  • Make forward progress once the race start signal has been sounded
  • Do not block or interfere the forward progress of another competitor


  • Place swim cap, goggles, and wetsuit in the basket
  • Do not touch bike until helmet is on and clipped


  • Mount bike after mount line
  • Dismount bike before dismount line
  • Lap out rule will be enforced for Draft Legal events


  • Re-rack bike either by seat or both brake levers
  • Place helmet and cycling shoes in basket


  • If race number is on the board at penalty box, stop and serve penalty*
  • the penalty box will be located at aid station 2 for the sprint (~0.75 miles into the run) and at the only aid station on the MTR (at University/Marina, ~0.3 miles into the run)

Penalty/Disqualification During the Race:

  • Failure to comply with the actions listed above will result in a 10 second (15 second for swim) time penalty to be served at the penalty box.
  • Athletes must move forward after the start signal
  • Helmet chin-strap MUST be buckled at all times when touching the bike
  • Failure to serve time penalties will result in disqualification.
  • Blocking or interfering with the forward progress of another competitor is not allowed and may result in disqualification.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including inappropriate language directed at fellow competitors, volunteers, or officials, may result in disqualification

Additional Rules:

  • All items in transition area must be used at some point throughout the race (so towels are not allowed)
  • All handlebars must have bar-end plugs as per usual triathlon regulation.
  • USAT will be checking all bicycles and equipment before allowing participants to enter transition in the morning.
  • Trisuit or 2 Piece Trisuit allowed. Must be covering the torso area.
  • A race number belt is not necessary

Rules and Additional Information for Draft Legal:

  • No Aero Helmets Permitted/Must have individual helmet with chin-strap.
  • All handlebars must be drop-style, no TT bikes allowed.
  • Each participant must have their own bicycle. Bicycles must be triangular frame, with drop-style handlebars. Aerobars must not extend past the brake levers of the bicycle and must be capped and bridged together. Additionally, no bar-end gear shifters allowed.
  • No disk wheels allowed- bikes must have a minimum of 16 spokes
  • If you are lapped out, you are disqualified from the race and you must walk your bike back to transition. Please note, this is for the safety of the racers.
  • Please Read the USAT Draft Legal Rules Summary HERE